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2nd GENERATION AD TRACKING - Why You Need to Know About It

As the architect of the first remotely hosted ad tracking solution on the Internet, it's a little hard for me to admit that my technology has become obsolete. Then that moment of egocentric self-indulgence passes and I look at the 2G ad tracking only inspired to say (in the ancient tongue once spoken freely in the early days of the Internet):


Ad Tracking Technology is here and it's been ushered in by the visionary upstarts Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill

At this stage of the game, NitroStats appears to be the only player in the 2G Ad Tracking field and it appears the field is clear for them to dominate the market. I don't see any other players that have accomplished this yet.While the Nitrostats service has a host of wonderful features that make life easy for the marketer (I've given up even our proprietary in-house tracking in favor of NitroStats - it's that much better), there are two key elements that define the 2nd Generation:

1. Offsite Visitor Tracking

This new feature has perhaps the highest "Cool!" factor I've seen in a long time.Check it out. Here's what life used to be like before 2G ...

A visitor is at your site. He's clicking around from page to page and then suddenly he leaves.

Your log says he clicked on a link to one of your affiliate programs, but what happened after that isa mystery.

What did he do? Did he purchase the product you recommended? Did he just stop surfing?You just don't know.

That's the old days. ENTER 2G ...

A visitor is at your site (woo hoo!). He's clicking around from page to page and then suddenly he leaves.

NitroStats tells you not only how he left your site, but WHAT HE DID AFTER HE LEFT.

Yes, the deserves "all caps".

2G ad tracking can tell you what your visitor did after he left your website. Want to find out if your affiliate program is paying you for all of your sales? Now you know. Want to find out what websites your visitor is checking out after he leaves? Now you know.

2. Complete Data Integration

2G Ad Tracking technology must allow for complete integration of several forms of marketing data.

In the past, you had to track different types of visitor behavior with various programs, all of themoperating independently.

NS replaces 5 different mission critical webmaster tools (1G ad tracking services, log file analyzers,hit counters, affiliate trackers, search term trackers) and allows you to integrate data from each of them dynamically.

For example, would you like to know which of your pay-per-click terms are resulting in sales and which are simply making you bleed cash? Now you'll know without having to do the math yourself.

Another example, would you like to track the path of every one of your visitors on your site withouthaving to analyze your log file? Would you also like to know which paths result in sales? Or which paths result in an affiliate sale? Now you'll know.

The 2G technology developed by NitroStats was so far ahead of what we were doing at ROIbot that I realized it would take us years to catch up.

NitroStats has since acquired ROIbot and it's probably the best thing that's ever happened to my ROIbot customers.

This is a great day for the consumer, but not such a great day for ad tracking companies. It's hard to compete when a clearly superior solution comes out on the market (I wonder how other donut companies are doing now that Krispy Kreme is nation wide?).

I'm sure other companies will come on board with 2G at some point, but it probably won't be fast enough to re-capture the market.

Now, it's hard to imagine what 3G can do to improve upon 2G. What are they going to do? Go out and find customers for you?

"Do You Know What Your Website Visitors Are REALLY Looking For?"

Through the last few years I've tried many solutions to a nagging problem... how to let visitors easily search through my website. Each time I'd try a new service, script or software program I'd run into a problem. Either the searching was too slow, the search engine results were lousy or it just plain didn't work.

After lots of trial and error, I finally found a site search tool that is head and shoulders above all others. Actually, it is more than that. It can be used as a powerful marketing tool as well. I now know "exactly" what my website visitors are looking for and can present my own solutions to them in a unique manner.

First, the tool:

I'd like to invite you to try the new search tool at my home page... - what you'll find is a slick, independently hosted search solution for corporations, small businesses, and individual web developers... Atomz.

With Atomz, absolutely anyone can quickly and easily add a powerful search engine to any site, and the service is free for sites with less than 500 pages.

I got my own Atomz search engine 100% up and running in less than an hour. My new site search engine is FAR better than every solution I tried in the past and I spent zero dollars and almost zero time installing it.

Actually, to put the Atomz engine at your site, there's nothing to do but fill out a few blanks, decide what areas you want your visitors to be able to search through and turn Atomz loose to index your pages. In seconds it spits out html code for you. You paste the code into any page you want a search form on, then upload the page to your site. Done.

You now have a powerful search engine on your site and your visitors will love you for it! What's nice is that there are no annoying ad banners shown with your search results, just a small "Powered by" graphic.

But there's really much more to Atomz than this. It holds a unique marketing value for savvy web marketers...

The Atomz fun starts...

As your visitors search your site, Atomz logs what they enter and then creates reports for you by day, week, and month. These reports tell you what visitors are looking for at your site. You can use this information to improve your site or even to market your wares, by strategically "adjusting" your search results.

Here's my own example...

The top 15 searches at my site this week were:

search enginesmarketing plangotojeevesjim danielsmake moneydirect emaildomain registrationadvertisingaffiliate programebusinessfree publicitymarketingshania twainclassified

So what does this report tell me? Well for starters, the first few search words show me that my articles on search engines and marketing maintenance have brought lots of visitors to my site. That's still something that lots of web marketers are interested in learning about, so I'll continue writing more about my experiences in those areas.

Next, many of the terms searched on were exact matches to the keywords I bid on at Specifically, "make money" and "direct email" are keywords I just increased my bids on at goto. It was nice to see those efforts bring immediate visitors. It's also great to give these surfers a quick search tool so they can find exactly what they're looking for at my site as soon as they arrive.

Next, the searches on domain registration prompted me to move my report on "how to select and register a domain name for your business", to the top of that results page. All searches on domain registration now indirectly lead visitors to my "domain name wizard" and then onto my domain name registration services. Hey, this Atomz search tool is a great little marketing tool!

Adjusting the search results at your site is a powerful way to market specific products and services. Atomz realizes this and offers their "Target Meta Tag", an exclusive search feature. You simply list words in the "content" part of the "target meta tag" and the page is promoted to the top of your search results ranking. You can also use your keywords tag to influence your Search results.

As I work my way down my first Atomz report, I not only learn what my visitors are searching for, I learn what my site is lacking. Over time, these reports will be invaluable in my efforts to help my website visitors and BizWeb eGazette subscribers who return to my site.

And oh yeah, I learned one more thing from my Atomz search word reports... I may need to do a little research on this Shania Twain person. ;-)

To learn more about Atomz and get your own free search engine, visit